Thursday, April 13, 2006

Assure Readability To Your Domain Name

Author: Giovanni Busco

Most of the desirable one-word, two-word and three-word dot com domain names are now taken. However, if you add plurals and hyphenated words, there is still a very good chance to get a productive domain name.

If you want to use a phrase or a compound word with two or more words combined together, you should use hyphens. All of the search engine robots read a hyphen as a blank space, so your domain name is not affected when you use hyphenated words.

Using a long url will annoy publishers and hosts, and will make difficult for the audience to remember your url. If you have a hyphenated url make sure you are clear as to the hyphen being included and don't make the url too long. Example: Your First and Last Name hyphen, is short enough that the hyphen can be easily used, and it will not negatively impact your web traffic.

Using the above example, it is also wise to think that people, while typing, will sometimes reverse the words, like It is now so inexpensive to purchase domain names, that it is wise to purchase both versions, for assuring your targeted traffic.

Another good reason for using hyphenated domain names is when two, or more words, joined together in a domain name could imply or even state a different meaning. The following is an example: www.tennishopping could be read as tennis shopping or tennis hopping, two completely different thoughts and contexts. Please remember to use hyphens in a very intentional way, in order to avoid any confusion, that can potentially decrease your web traffic.

You need to consider also that if your url is without hyphens, it will look more professional. Catching the attention of a web browser could sometimes be a matter of a very fast first impression.

A domain name with hyphens is hard to describe when announced in a radio commercial, or when communicated by word of mouth, but with so many popular domain names not available anymore, sometimes using a hyphenated url is just necessary.

About the Author: Giovanni Busco is a web/business consultant, strongly interested in internet communication and internet marketing .


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