Friday, April 14, 2006

We Blog, Thus We Feel More Real

Author: Giovanni Busco

What blogging means? It comes from creating, maintaining a weblog, or even publishing an article or a comment on an existing blog.

People's ability and desire of organizing ideas and contents in a specific way are the main reason for the exploding success of internet blogs.

If you wish to run your own blog, the process of starting one is easy and fast, and many times absolutely free. You go, for example, to,, or, and using their web-based interfaces in a few minutes your blog is online, and you can start updating it, with traditional computers, or even with a mobile approach, using hand-held devices or web-enabled mobile phones.

Everybody can potentially express him/herself through this powerful global media. Information in the internet is largely available, and through blogging, you can creatively organize all that information, and creating new one.

It’s interesting to report some comments from Steve Pavlina, very well-known blogger on this issue: "I’m hugely optimistic about the future of blogs and blogging. Blogs are quickly changing the face of media, injecting a much needed dose of truth...
… Typical newscasters look ridiculously phony when compared to typical bloggers. I think this will ultimately force changes in mainstream media. They’ll have to change as they begin losing business. The advertising dollars are already flooding into blogs, and that’s only going to increase".

Well, the magic with blogs is that they tend to pick up traffic at a very high speed, and this can result in very fast earnings for many, courageous internet entrepreneurs.

About the Author: Giovanni Busco is a web/business consultant, strongly interested in internet communication and internet marketing.


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