Monday, April 17, 2006

The Importance of Using Keywords in Blogs

Author: Brenda Boggs

If you've wandered around the blogosphere (yes, people really call it that), you may have come across discussions about using keyword-rich content. This is an important process to know, as it can help you get more traffic and better rankings in searches.

First, you need to understand what "keywords" really means. We're not talking about meta keywords here, we're talking about keywords in the content. When somebody does a search on Google, for example, the results will depend on the keywords Google finds on specific pages. If your blogs are keyword optimized, your blogs are more likely to be displayed.

When writing a blog, I would suggest writing it as you usually would. Before hitting that "Submit" button, though, go back through your blog. What is your topic? Who is your target audience? When people are searching for information, what might they search for that will bring them to your blog?

Choose a few keywords or short phrases, and work them into your blog entry. Don't over do it!

Nobody wants to read a blog that's just an obvious set of keywords.

For example, say you are writing a blog about working from home. Choose the phrase work from home and stick with it, using it when applicable.

Other ways to make the search engines know that specific words or phrases are important is by bolding them. Don't over do that, either, though, or it will be annoying to read and will just confuse things.

Using keywords in the title of your blog is important, too. Your blog title should be descriptive rather than vague, so that a reader knows at a glance what it is they're clicking on, and it should contain the most important keywords.

Knowing what kind of keywords people are searching for is the next step, to help you actually choose the right keywords to use. Here is a tool I use quite a bit and have found to be very useful. Plug in some keywords you're thinking about using and it will give you variations on it and the number of times they are searched per day at

About the Author: Brenda Boggs is an Internet guru, in marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and new technologies. She successfully runs two revenue sharing websites, and, where members actually MAKE MONEY just by participating.


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