Friday, April 14, 2006

Take Part in Blog Traffic Exchange Communities

Author: Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins

For bloggers who wish to gain more readers, there can never be enough ways to promote one's blog. One way that blog owners market and promote their blogs is through taking part in blog traffic exchange communities like BlogExplosion ( and BlogClicker (

If you are a blog owner who wishes to try this route, it's easy (and free) to join these blog traffic exchange communities: Just visit the site, sign up, confirm your account, add your blog to the member directory/registry and then start visiting other members' blogs.

Often, you can add more than just one blog per account.

In order for you to maximize your membership, it's good to understand the general idea of how these communities work. Basically, you need to earn 'credits' in order to get blog traffic exposure. These credits are often gained by visiting other members' blogs. Some communities also offer 'credits' for a fee. However, when testing out a new blog traffic exchange community, it's probably best not to pay for 'credits' in the beginning. It's good to begin by visiting other blogs first. Then, when you're happy with that community, you can show support by buying credits and/or purchasing advertising space.

When you have enough credits, your blog becomes eligible for promotion. Usually, a link and/or graphic to your blog will be shown on the main site and/or in fellow members' blogs. This is how other people find your blog.

Of course, the more members there are in the community, the more potential visitors. So, if you are part of a blog traffic community, it's good to promote the communities you belong to as well.

Besides, when you promote the community through a referral system, you get more credits too.

Just remember that even though people may visit your blog through these traffic exchange communities, it doesn't mean that they will always do so. That's why it's important to make sure that every visitor to your blog must find reasons to return.

About the Author: Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins, aka Shai, is an internet enthusiast since 1997. She is a keeper of web logs, journals, and web sites. She hosts a podcast (Shai in 60 Seconds) and a video blog (FreshWave.TV). She is one of the co-owners of the b5media blogging network, and she is also an online instructor.


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