Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Million Dollar Home Page: Fad Or Here To Stay?

Author: Andre Bias

Many people that spend even a little time on the internet or that are fond of business know about Alex Tew and his million dollar home page. The million dollar home page is a website that was set up in 2005 by a young man that was desperate for cash to help him pay for college. He set up his million dollar home page with the goal of selling one million pixels of advertising space for $1 per pixel. Using a public relations specialist Tew was able to get the concept of his website in front of millions and the money from advertisers started rolling in.

One of the best things about that website was that is was creative. One of the worst things about it is that it sparked a lot of copycat websites. The numerous copycat websites have sparked the question throughout the internet community, is this type of advertising a fad or is it hear to stay. Obviously, it is a fad. Many of the people that created exact replicas of the million dollar home page made no more than a few thousand dollars. Some tried to mix it up by having virtual countries or buildings that people could buy for advertising space. Even with the many variations no one has a achieved the success Tew has. It is all about time that people began giving up and creating their own ideas.

About the Author: Andre Bias is the owner of http://www.kidfriendlyentertainment.com, and online source for top notch DVD's for children 10 years old and younger. He is also the owner of the websites http://www.pokergreed.com and http://www.mustseeauctions.com.


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