Friday, June 08, 2007 - A new way to listen to online music

Author : Zipporah Koganowich

Warner Music Group has announced that it will be making available its music through, which is an internet start up venture. was started last year and was initially designed to let users exchange their CDs for a fee. However the company is now offering users a chance to store their iTunes library online on the site for free. said the service would enable iPod owners to play iTunes tracks from anywhere as well as share it with anyone. Users will also have the chance to buy songs to directly upload them onto their iPods."Before today music was ripped and trapped on PCs and Macs with desktop applications like iTunes.

The iPod is the greatest portable music device ever invented, and as avid iPod fans we wanted to create a service that blends the convenience of the Web with the portability and functionality of a truly universal platform," Bill Nguyen, a co-founder of the company also said that a beta version is available for users who want to store their music or share it by hosting it on the site.

The site includes support for popular operating systems like Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X v10 and advanced systems as well as for iTunes 7.Under the deal with Warner Group, users will be able to listen to an extensive catalog of music from Warner catalog, but they will not be able to download the songs.

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