Friday, June 22, 2007

Apple iPhone gets YouTube playback

Author: Davedough

Fans of the Cupertino California based company Apple have long awaited the famed iPhone for its promise of being the all-in-one gadget to own.

With its ability to play music, watch videos and much more along with being a cellular phone, now anxious consumers can add one more feature to its healthy list. Apple has announced that users of the iPhone will be able to stream video through Wi-Fi connectivity directly from YouTube.

While YouTube has enjoyed great success for streaming videos to desktop users, there hasn't been much attention paid to mobile users. YouTube says they are now working on encoding a new format for their video streams to work seamlessly with cellular technology. Their hopes are that the new format will help aid in conserving battery life as well as keeping video quality up to the standards of the mobile user.

The Apple iPhone will be the first mobile device to receive YouTube's newly encoded content and is claimed to have some 10,000 video streams available when the iPhone launches on June 29th. YouTube also claims that new content will be added and available each week after the initial launch. While the phone will use service from AT&T primarily, it will not get the benefit of the company's high speed cellular data links. In response, Apple claims that the YouTube content will operate fine and efficiently over the phone's short range Wi-Fi network connections.

Source: Reuters